This pack contains Greco-Roman style ruin scene props for you to easily build up cultural backgrounds in iClone. The included materials come from real high resolution photos, which provide a high level of realism. In addition to that, you can also add dirts or crack effects to emphasize the worn-out appearance from the optional blend maps.

16 Ruined Props - Bases, Columns, Walls, and more

This beautifully crafted set of 16 static props includes the typical Greek columns, ceilings, walls, basings, stairs, etc. Use the versatile selection of props to create your own unique environments.






Designed for Versatile Build-up

Modular props design allows you to easily mix and match individual items to achieve a unique look.

Optional Dirt Map

Apply dirt effects by adjusting the blend map slider.

How We Build It

1. B2M was used to convert a single photo into a multi-textured material. This allows low-poly surfaces to appear more detailed and realistic.

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2. Adding cracks and dents using photo generated normal patterns provides subtle aging and worn-out effects.