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When we first saw Genesis characters perfectly animated inside iClone, in real-time, we automatically knew that an amazing alternative for highly realistic character animation was coming. Reallusion partners with DAZ and exclusively provides a valuable starter pack including the essential content for users to complete the Daz to iClone pipeline. As promised, Reallusion will continue supporting facial animation for DAZ Genesis characters in the next 3DX5 patch release. So, it's great timing to start when DAZ Studio 4 Pro is still available for free!

Reallusion, Inc.

Why we recommend the DAZ Introductory Content Pack
Complete Face & Body Morph
Genesis™ is a new line of 3D figures which consist of common base figures where a huge range of other 3D figures can be derived from. The free DAZ Studio only comes with very limited morph options for characters. This is a must-have morph extension which you can use in combination with full body morphs, face and head morphs, and even other ethnic looks. This pack also includes 1 male, 1 female and 1 monster DAZ character, in iClone format, that make it easy to experience first-hand all the possibilities of using Genesis characters with iClone's 3D engine.
Flexible Dress for Every Shape
The technology behind Genesis™ not only allows for all Genesis shapes to be blended together but it also allows for any clothing created for one Genesis shape to be automatically fitted to another, from Genesis child to Genesis adult characters. In this pack, you will get additional dress and material settings to create more custom styles with DAZ character for use in iClone.
Universal Hair Base System
Looking for more hair styles for iClone characters? This pack includes one Hampton base for unlimited hair style creations that you can alter, modify and color to generate a variety of hair styles from one hair base. This is a universal hair base which users can use to create unlimited hair varieties such as length, curliness, flow, looseness, material color. Users can even create hair animations.
Professional Dance & Fight Performances
iClone users can now take advantage of these quality libraries and motion data to be used on DAZ and iClone characters. We have collected the most popular fighting and dance motions and included them in this Introductory pack for your benefit. These well-planned, professionally captured motions deliver extremely detailed body movements. Most importantly, they work seamlessly with both iClone and DAZ characters.

"Reallusion's iClone product helps bring Genesis characters to life through dedicated real-time animation tools. By partnering together, our customers now have a powerful pipeline for creating stunning digital content as they combine DAZ 3D's popular 3D models with Reallusion's real-time animation tools."

Matt Wilburn, Chief Marketing Officer for DAZ 3D