Face Puppeteering
  • Simply use a mouse or handheld device to puppet your character's animations. With a Solo Feature Selection, you can design custom facial features and puppet behaviors while you playback a recorded audio in real-time.
  • CrazyTalk provides full control over puppet facial features, mouth gesture, emotional expressions and more. Move your cursor to experience eyes blinking, nose wrinkling, jaw movement, etc.
Personality x Emotion
  • 7 default puppet profiles define instant personalities for puppeteering, ranging from real human beings to cartoonish profiles including Wicked, Goofy, Youthful, Attractive and Grumpy.
  • Furthermore, 6 emotion styles provide you with advanced select and de-select layer editing capabilities for full control over facial profiles such as smiley, angry, sad, happy and scared.
Muscle-based Control
  • With the muscle-based control, you can use detailed property parameter settings and choose specific facial muscles to control movements while you record live.
  • Assign different weights for specific muscle movements during real-time puppeteering.
Motion Clip & Layering
  • Add our studio-made Motion Clips for instant expressions including full face, eye, and head performance such as giving a kiss, blinking you, or crying.
  • You can simply "drag and drop" available Motion Clips from the library and layer them into the timeline to apply instant expressions.
  • Record real-time facial puppeteering and save it in layers as Motion Clips, storing all the data for every facial feature animated during the live puppet session.
Timeline Editing
  • Visually add, and control your animation clips inside the visual timeline for detail refinement and editing. Overlay specific facial expressions from the library, or create your own through puppet animation.
  • Manipulate any motion clip with cut, copy, break, loop and speed functions.
  • Save your motion clips in your custom library for future projects.