Using CrazyTalk Interactive Plug-in (New for 7.31)

If you have purchased and installed the CrazyTalk Interactive Plug-in, then you may embed your CrazyTalk Project into nearly any custom web site. You can use your own custom actor as the spokesman for your pages, and define the foreground and background so taht your audience feels more drawn to interact with your page and stay for longer.


*** Please note that the "CrazyTalk Interactive Plug-in" is compatible with only "CrazyTalk 7 Pro" version.

The benefits of installing the CrazyTalk Interactive Plug-in are:

  • Self hosting: You can keep your assets exported from CrazyTalk on your favorite domain. Managing these assets by yourself is free and free from charge.
  • No watermark: The watermark at the right-bottom corner of the project you shared through the CrazyTalk Cloud can be removed.

    The watermark shows before the CrazyTalk Interactive Plug-in is installed (shared through the CrazyTalk Cloud).

    The watermark is gone after the CrazyTalk Interactive Plug-in is installed (also shared through the CrazyTalk Cloud).

  • Freely accessing numerous interactive assets: The assets hosted on your favorite domain can be randomly combined by means of modifying simple html syntax; so that the exported projects, actors, scripts and idle motions can be used in different projects.

Please refer to the following sections for more information.