Exporting Interactive Assets Panel Introduction (New for 7.31)

After you click the Export Project to Unity button, the current project will be exported according to the settings from the Export Interactive Assets panel. The introduction of the panel is as described in this page below:

Export Interactive Assets Panel


Current Project

To set the image and audio quality of the exported project.



To initialize the settings in this panel.


Additional Assets

Idle Motion

  • If you want your actor to perform the default idle motion (CTDefWebPreview.uctidle) in a custom web page, then leave this edit box empty.
  • Otherwise, click on the Show Content Manager button to switch to the idle motion library and Drag and Drop one of the templates into this panel.
  • Clicking on the edit box can also switch the Content Manager to the idle motion library.

Model / Script / Motion
Activate this box so that the model, script and motion in the current project will be extracted and exported into isolated files (*.uctmodel, *.uctscript, *.uctmotion).


Player Window

  • Activate the Show Playbar Control box to show the play bar at the bottom of the player.
  • Change the Player Size to determine the size of the web player.



This section determines the behavior the actor has.

  • Fade In: Set the value to determine the length (in seconds) for the actor to show up after the project is loaded.
  • Change the Look-at Mode by selecting one of the items in the drop-down list.
    • Screen: Set the entire screen as the look-at reaction area.
    • Box: Set the area within the player as the look-at reaction area.
    • Off: Stop the look-at behavior for the actor.
  • Change the Look-at Strength in order to determine the eyeball and head rotation strength when looking at the cursor.



  • Play Loop: Activate this box if you want to play back the project continuously.
  • Auto Play After ... Sec.: Activate and set a given second value for the project to wait before starting to play after the project is loaded.
  • Volume: Set the volume for playback.



This group of controls sets the appearance of the background of the web player:

  • Activate the From Web Link box and put an address (URL) into the edit box to introduce an online image as the background image of your project.
  • Use the Fitting Mode drop-down list to determine the fitting methods for the image to the player.
    • Fill: Match the short side of the image to the player and crop out the excess areas to make the image resolution cover up the entire background space.
    • Fit: Resize to match the entire image into the player. The uncovered area may show up if the resolutions between the image and the player are not identical.
  • Color: Change the solid color for the background. This color reveals when there is no background in your project or when the background image is not the same size as the player.


Web Preview

Click this button to preview the result with a browser. Please also refer to the Managing Interactive Assets section for utilizing the preview page.



Click this button to export the desired assets, including the project, or the additional model, idle motion, script and motion into isolated files (*.uctproject, *.uctmodel, *.uctidle, *.uctscript, *.uctmotion).