Basic Workflows (New for 7.31)

This page is divided into two sections, Diagram of Basic Workflow and Workflow Steps for Interactive Web Pages. The previous section shows you the basic concepts of using the CrazyTalk Interactive Plug-in and the latter section shows you the details and steps. Clicking on the captions may expand or collapse the sections.

Diagram of Basic Workflows

The diagram of the workflow is as shown in the illustration below:

For Playback Only (workflow A)

  • If you only want the audience to play back the exported project, then walk through the upper workflow.
  • The upper workflow stores the assets to the Reallusion Hosting CrazyTalk Cloud, allowing you to embed codes into your custom web page for your audiences to play back the project only.
  • Please refer to the Publishing Projects to a Web Browser section for the steps to create a playback only web page.

For Interactive Application Design (workflow B)

  • If you want your audiences to interact with your web page, then you must walk through the lower workflow.
  • This workflow allows you to store your assets to any of your favorite domains.
  • By modifying the source codes with markup languages and java script in your web pages, your web page can be embedded with a web player which has the ability to interact with the audience.
  • Please refer to the following sections for the steps to create an interactive web page.
Workflow Steps for Building Interactive Web Pages