Publishing Projects to a Web Browser (New for 7.3)

Once a project is published to a social networking site or a web page, you and your friends will be able to view and interact with the project actor on the web.

Previewing Projects before Uploading

In the preview process below, you may optionally assign a specific idle motion to your actor when the project is idling.

  1. Click the Export button. In the Export Settings panel, switch to the Share tab.
  2. Click the Show Content Manager button to switch to the Content Manager and Auto Motion libraries.

    You may click the Idle Motion field to directly switch to the Idle Motion library.

  3. Optionally drag and drop a desired Idle Motion anywhere inside the Export Settings panel so that you can have a specific idle motion when the project is idling.

    Currently, the extra Auto Motion is not yet supported so you can ignore it after publishing your project to the web, as you cannot record sound or import any audio files to web browsers.

  4. The corresponding box will then be automatically checked and show the name of the content as well. You may decide whether to upload the chosen content by enabling or disabling the checkbox.
  5. Choose the playback length by typing the range in the fields or directly dragging the red triangles on the play bar. The maximum length of each project is 30 seconds (30 frames per 1 second).
  6. Preview your project before sharing to a web browser. Connect to the Internet and click the Web Preview button to open the browser window (must support Unity engine) and view the animation results with the CrazyTalk Web Player. You will need to install the Unity web player in your computer for this. Then playback to view the project.

    The assigned idle motion automatically starts acting before you playback the project. You can move the mouse over the screen to interact with your actor anytime. If the cursor stops moving for about two seconds, then the actor will resume back with the idle mode.


    The above-described Web Preview Mode requires an internet connection. If your computer is not connected to the Internet, then you can press the "Ctrl" key for PC (Command ⌘ key for Mac) while clicking the Web Preview button to enter the Offline Preview Mode.

    However at the moment, you need to connect to the Internet at least once in order to preview the project successfully, before you can use the Offline Preview Mode to playback the project or interact with your actor.

Publishing Projects to a Web Browser