Trial or Member Upload (New for 7.3)

When uploading projects to the CrazyTalk Cloud space, you may choose to login with the Member account in order to store projects in your dedicated cloud space. Or you may login as a Trial user to experience the whole publishing and sharing process, but the uploaded projects will only be available in storage for a limited time.

Please refer to the comparison table below, in order to decide whether you wish to upload the project to the Trial Hosting or the Member Hosting cloud space.


CrazyTalk Cloud

Trial Hosting

Member Hosting


If you are a trial user, then you can use trial upload in the 15-day trial period to experience how it works.

If you purchase CrazyTalk Cloud Service on Reallusion Store, then you can get hosting for one (1) year.

File Size/Number

No limitation on the file size/number. However, the uploaded projects will be removed after the free 7-day trial period.

No limitation on file size. A total of 300 projects can be uploaded and stored for one (1) year.


Uploaded projects are only available during the free 7-day trial period.

Uploaded projects can be stored in the Member Hosting cloud space. However, if you wish to perpetually store your projects then please remember to extend the access date prior to the expiration date each year.



You can login anytime with your Member account from Window >> CrazyTalk Cloud to manage projects uploaded in the Member Hosting cloud space.

Publishing or Sharing

Because pages for specific linked project information will Not Be Available again, you must save the information for future publishing or sharing.

Publish or share projects anytime by coping and pasting the linked project information from the CrazyTalk Cloud assets management page.

* The above information may be updated from time to time, to be updated please go to the official page for the latest offers.