Removing Partial Motions from a Motion Clip

Once you add a motion clip either from the library or by creating one with the Face Puppet panel, the partial motions in the clip can be removed so that you can extract the desired motion parts of that clip.

Removing Partial Motions
  1. Add a motion clip to the actor.

    The motion clip affects the actor's Head, Eye, Face and Shoulder motions.

  2. Open the Timeline (Shortcut: Windows - F3; Mac - fn + F3).
  3. Right-click on the motion clip in the Motion Clip track and select the Remove Motion entry.
  4. Choose a part in the sub-menu so that the motion of that part in the clip will be removed.

    The entire motion of the eyes in the clip is removed

  5. If you repeat the steps to remove the motions of all parts in the clip, then you will get a neutral motion clip that causes the actor to stay still.