Extracting Motion Clip from Auto Motion

In addition to using the Puppeteering method to create motion clips, you are able to extract motions from an auto motion clip to generate a motion clip.

Extracting Motion Clip from Auto Motion
  1. Make sure you have an actor already.
  2. Add a voice to the character. You may determine if the voice is applied with either Talk mode or Listen Mode.
  3. Open the Timeline (Shortcut: Windows - F3; Mac - fn + F3).
  4. Right click on the target motion in the Auto Motion track.
  5. Select the Copy to Motion Track command from the right-click menu.
  6. The motion of the selected Auto Motion Clip will be converted into the Motion Clip track.
  7. Note:
    You may then further edit the motion clip. Please refer to the sections below for more information: