Breaking Clips

The Breaking Clips method applies to the clip-type data in the Viseme, Motion Clip and Music tracks. With this feature you may extract partial clips from a very long clip and delete the redundant clips.

Breaking Clips in the Viseme Track (for only)

If you have prepared a non-stop voice and you want to break it apart into several pieces, you do not need to re-create the voice again. By using the Break feature, you can cut the voice into different part so that the actor can have different voice clips and responses inserted into the empty frames between two trimmed clips.

  1. Apply an actor in a new project.
  2. Add a voice to the actor in Listen Mode. The voice is a sound file composed of several sentences. You may observe it in the Voice track.
  3. Right click on the clip in the Viseme track where the sound wave is flat and you want to break it.
  4. Select the Break command in the right-click menu.
  5. Drag the latter half of the clip to another later time frame.
  6. In the empty frame between the two clips, add another voice clip.
  7. Apply a different auto motion to this new clip.
  8. Playback the project and the actor will have new sound inserted into the original voice.
Breaking Clips in the Motion Clip Track
Breaking Clips in the Music Track