Getting Bonus Motion Content

After installing CrazyTalk, some default templates in the Content Manager will also be installed. However, if you need more templates for Auto Motion, Voice Script or Motion Clip libraries, then it is highly recommended that you download and install the bonus pack from the official web site.


Auto Motion

You will get 78 more templates for the Functional, Scenario and Idle libraries.

Auto Motion >> Functional Library

Auto Motion >> Scenario >> Talk Library


Auto Motion >> Scenario >> Sing Library

Auto Motion >> Scenario >> Human Sound Library


Auto Motion >> Scenario >> Listen Library

Auto Motion >> Idle Library

Voice Script

You will get 32 more templates for the Practice Audio and Samples libraries.

Voice Script >> Practice Audio Library

Voice Script >> Samples Library

Motion Clips

You will get 89 more templates for the Motion Clip library.

Motion Clip Library

Motion Clip >> Emotions Library


Motion Clip >> Movement Library

Motion Clip >> Idle >> Library