Blending Facial Expressions with the Face Puppet Panel

By layering unique facial expressions to an auto motion project, the Face Puppet tool gives you the freedom to add any specific facial feature animations including blinking of the eyes, a slight smile, or creating a full-face expression for your actor.

Blending Facial Expressions from the Library
  1. Make sure the actor has been applied with a voice with either idle or auto motion.
  2. Go to the time frame where you want to blend custom facial expressions to the existing motion.
  3. Click the Face Puppet button on the tool bar.
  4. Make sure that the Blend data on next recording checkbox is activated.
  5. Use the Full Face Control Puppeteering method; or alternatively, use the Solo Feature Selection Puppeteering methods to record and blend a new facial expression.
  6. Repeat the steps to do the multi-layer recording.
  7. After the recording, the entire motion clip replaces the auto motion in a duration. The result in the motion clip takes effect even if you apply any other auto motion to the actor.

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