Pingpong Movements

In the Parts tab of the Auto Motion Settings panel, the settings which have negative or positive values only make the actor perform the motions to single side or rotating direction. However, if you need the motions to move or rotate in two opposite directions, then you can apply to the Pingpong feature.

Using the Pingpong Feature
  1. Create a new project and add an actor. Apply a voice file to the actor in either Talk or Listen mode (in this example, the Listen mode is taken and the parts have been set to be voice-motivated).

    The settings for the parts will only let the actor's head rotate to the right, the right shoulder raise up and the left shoulder lower down.

  2. Click the Auto Motion Settings button to open the panel and switch to the Parts tab.
  3. Select the Head Rotate button.
  4. Activate the Pingpong box of the Swing (CCW/CW).

    This step ensures the head is able to rotate in dual directions.

    After activating the box, the head is able to rotate in dual directions. However, the shoulder movement remains in a single direction.

    The Theory of Pingpong

  5. With the same concept, individually select the Left Shoulder and Right Shoulder.
  6. Activate the Pingpong boxes of the Down/Up parameters for the Shoulders to allow them to move up and down in opposite directions:
  7. Click the Apply button to apply the modified auto motion profile.