Auto Motion Settings - Global

Once the actor has Auto Motions (either default or applied from the library), you are then able to adjust the settings to fine-tune the motions for best results.

Adjusting Auto Motion Settings   &
  1. Make sure that your actor has been applied with a voice in Talk or Listen modes.
  2. Click the Auto Motion Settings button on the tool bar.
  3. Click the Preview button to play back.
  4. Adjust the sliders in the Setting section to view the adjusted result.
  5. Click the Apply button if you are satisfied with the result.





Additional Auto Motion Settings - Global  

In the Pro version, the Auto Motion Settings is divided into two tabs - Global and Parts; you may use the Global settings to determine the overall effect for the Auto Motion, and adjust the details for the specific body or facial parts of the Auto Motion in the Parts tab.

Please refer to the following sections to learn more about the extra settings in the Global tab. As for the settings in the Parts tab, please refer to the Auto Motion Settings - Parts section.

  • In the Mode Settings Section

    Use these two radio buttons to switch the current Auto Motion to Talk or Listen mode.

  • In the Reaction Settings Section

    Sample Rate

    Smooth Style

    Hard or Soft Spring

  • In the Motion Settings Section

    Please refer to the Blending Motion Clip to Create Custom Auto Motion (for only) section for more information.