VividEye Technology

CrazyTalk introduces VividEye Technology in a layer-based concept. The 6 Layers (Eyeball - Iris, Eyeball - White, Eye Light, Eye Shadow, Eyelash and Makeup) in the VividEye Settings greatly increase the realism of virtual eyes. Original eyes from the source image cannot roll, so it is important to add virtual eyes to the animation.

Using VividEye

The six layers superimpose to create the appearance of natural eyes:

  1. Switch the Content Manager to Actor >> Template tab >> Eye library.
  2. You will see 5 categories of eye templates. Access into one of the folders.
  3. Double click on the desired template to add virtual eyes to the actor. Please refer to the Eye Template Gallery section for more information.
  4. Click the Eye Setting button at the tool bar to access the Eye Settings panel.