CrazyTalk offers Makeup effects to generate vivid eyes. With the Makeup feature, you may generate various make-up styles such as; Smokey, golden shimmering or bruised eyes. You can also use it to conceal or cover creases or defects on the actors' eyelids. Distortions and stretching issues, created when actors close their eyes, can also be covered with Makeup effects.

Adjusting Makeup

  1. You must apply an eye template from the eye gallery first.
  2. Click the Eye Setting button at the tool bar to access the Eye Settings panel.
  3. You may determine if you want the actor to have makeup or not by activating or deactivating the Makeup check box.

    Without Makeup

    With Makeup

  4. Choose the Makeup radio button.
  5. In the Color section, adjust the values for Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation.
  6. In Opacity/Blur, adjust the Opacity and Blur values to define the clarity of the makeup.
    Click and keep the Close Eyes button pressed in order to view the Makeup effect when eyes are closed.

The Benefits of Makeup