Eye Shadow

The Eye Shadow features the strength of the sphere effect on the eyeballs. You may decide the size of the shadow, the color of the Diffuse image, and the opacity and blurriness of the Opacity channel.

Setting the Sphere Sense of the Eyeball

If you need to set the sphere-feeling of the eyeball, then you may adjust the Eye Shadow to increase/decrease the sensation.

  1. You must apply an eye template from the eye gallery first.
  2. Click the Eye Setting button at the tool bar to access the Eye Settings panel.
  3. Press down the Left and/or Right buttons to determine whether you want to adjust individual or both eyes.

    Left eye

    Right eye

    Both eyes

  4. Choose the Eye Shadow radio button.
  5. Adjust the sliders in the Color and Opacity/Blur sections.

    Heavy shadow (spherical eyeball)

    No shadow (flat eyeball)