Creating Custom Teeth (New for 7.3)

You may create your own character's teeth by importing a custom teeth image.

Creating Custom Teeth
  1. First prepare a model and apply a teeth template from the teeth gallery.
  2. Click the Teeth Setting button at the top Tool Bar to access the Teeth Settings panel.
  3. Choose the Teeth radio button.
  4. In the Diffuse channel, click the Import button to load the texture image for the virtual teeth. (jpg, jpe, jpeg, bmp, tga, png are supported, 256x166 pixels recommended)

    The teeth image, in PNG format, containing alpha channel.
    (The part displayed in the check board pattern area)
    • If you import an image in 32-bit BMP/TGA or PNG, then the black part in the image will be converted into the alpha channel. If your image is not in 32-bit BMP/TGA or PNG, then you must load the grayscale image to decide the display area of the teeth.
    • The part with alpha channel will be transparent and it will reveal the inside mouth color.
  5. In the Transform section, fine tunning the the position and orientation of the teeth to match the angle of the mouth.
  6. In the Color section, adjust the color of the teeth.

    Before adjusting the teeth color

    After adjusting the teeth color

  7. Switch the Content Manager to Actor >> Teeth, and add the custom teeth into the Custom Library for future use.