Creating Custom Eyes (New for 7.3)

You may create your own character eyes with the Diffuse and Opacity channels, to which you can import an eyeball image and a grayscale image to design custom iris and light shapes. You can even add eye shadows, eyelashes, and makeup effects of your own.

Creating Custom Eyeballs
  1. First prepare a model and apply an eye template from the eye gallery.
  2. Click the Eye Setting button found in the top Tool Bar to access the Eye Settings panel.
  3. Choose the Eyeball - Iris radio button.
  4. In the Diffuse channel, click the Import button to load the texture image for virtual eyes. (jpg, jpe, jpeg, bmp, tga, png are supported, 256x256 pixels recommended)
    • It is not recommended that you import an image with an alpha channel since the alpha channel will be transparent and you will see the background image through it.
    • If you wish to adjust the color of the iris, do not load a grayscale image for the eyeballs.
    • If your iris image is smaller and it reveals the original one, then choose the Eyeball - White radio button and then load the same texture image in the Diffuse channel.
  5. In the Opacity channel, click the Import button to load the grayscale image that will decide the area of the iris. The black part will be the masked area; the white part will be fully displayed.
  6. In the Transform section, adjust the Move or Scale values to decide the size of the eyeball. You may click and keep the Check Eyes button pressed in order to compare with the original.
  7. In the Color section, adjust the values for Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation.

    Before importing a custom eyeball image

    After importing a custom eyeball image

Designing the Light Shape
Adding Eye Shadow, Eyelashes and Makeup