Docking Panels

There are three panels in CrazyTalk that can be docked or undocked, the Tool Bar, the Content Manager and the Timeline.
By docking the panels, you can quickly access the tools or templates without having to hover the mouse too far; while by undocking the panels, you can get a wider and clearer working area for better viewing custom projects.

Docking and Undocking

Panels Docked

After the panels are docked, the tools on the Tool Bar, the templates in the Content Manager and the features in the Timeline can be easily accessed.

Panels Undocked

When the panels are undocked, they float above the main program and the working area enlarges to present a better view. You may then move the panels elsewhere to prevent from hindering the working area. If you are using dual-display environments, then you may move the panels to one display while keeping the main program on the other.

Dockable Area for Tool Bar
Dockable Area for Content Manager
Dockable Area for Timeline