Apply Lip Synchronization

You may change or correct the mouth shape of the talking actor. Applying lip synchronization makes the lip movements match the words being spoken by the actor.

To access the Lips Sync panel, click the Lips Sync button in the Timeline.

Follow the steps below to adjust the actor's lip movements.

  1. Click the Scale button (S) on the left-side tool bar to zoom in the mouth area. Press the space bar repeatedly to playback, and pause, where the actor's lips not sync to the voice.
  2. Click the Timeline button (F3) to access the Timeline panel.
  3. Click the button on the Audio track to display the Lips track. You may find the lip movements in this voice script, displayed in grey boxes.
  4. Double-click on the problem grey box ("Ah" for the example) to access the Lips Sync panel.
  5. Move the Expressiveness slider to the right, to put emphasis on the lip movement. The actor will then change its mouth shape. Alternatively, you may replace it with a suitable phonetic sound option.

    Expressiveness = 50

    Expressiveness = 100