Fine-tune the Auto Motion

You may fine-tune the applied auto motion behavior for the actor.

Click the Auto Motion Setting (A) button on the tool bar. The Auto Motion Setting panel will then open.

Click the Load Current Actor & Auto button to load the actor image into the panel. If you want the actor to talk in a more aggressive attitude, then follow the steps below:

  1. Drag the Strength slider to the right, to force the actor move harder and exaggerate the facial expressions.
  2. Drag the Threshold slider to the left, to lower the threshold and cause the actor to respond more to the audio source.

    Only the slopes and peaks of the audio wave line outside of the threshold range can cause the actor to move and make facial expressions.

  3. Drag the Smooth slider to the right, to make the actor animate smoother and be more realistic.
  4. Click the Preview button to playback. Please note that there is no lip-syncing to the voices, so you may concentrate on adjusting the head motions.

    Before fine-tuning the auto motion

    Fine-tuned auto motion

  5. Click the Apply button if you are satisfied with the results.