Change the Auto Motion

CrazyTalk provides various auto motion templates which can be used as the motion pattern that reacts to the actor's voice.

Switch the Content Manager to the Auto Motion tab, and then drag and drop a desired template from any of the libraries. The actor will then change its talking and animation style.

Auto Motion Templates

In the Content Manager, there are two libraries that contain Auto Motion templates, Functional and Scenario.

  • Functional: Basic movements of head, body or eyeballs without facial expressions; such as head up and head down.
  • Scenario: Different situations or personalities, usually with facial expressions; such as various talking or singing styles, or human sounds.
  • Note:
    To get more templates for the libraries, you may freely download and install the bonus pack from the official web site.

Now click the Timeline button (F3) to access the Timeline panel, you will find that the applied auto motion is stored in the Auto Motion track. Optionally, you may fine-tune the auto motion to best suit the actor and its voice.