Face Orientation

In the Face Orientation panel, adjust the face angle on the image to create a 3D perspective view from the 2D flat image.

Follow the steps below to produce a perfect 3D effect for the face.

  1. Click the Zoom In (+ or Shift + "=") button to zoom in the face area.
  2. Click the Rotate button and drag the mask to fit the angle of the actor's face. Optionally, change another face style to best fit your actor.
  3. Click the Preview button and move your mouse around to view the head motions.

    Actor's head slightly turns to the right side as the mouse moves to the right.

  4. Click the OK button when done and return back to the working area. CrazyTalk will automatically apply a default idle motion to the newly-created actor.

Next you can further edit the background image for the actor.