Face Fitting

In the Face Fitting Editor panel, we have to set wireframes to frame up the facial features as precise as possible.

  1. Click the Zoom In (+ or Shift + "=") button to better observe and modify the details.
  2. Move the control points and lines to the suitable places.

    There are some skills to move the points and lines.

    Click on a single point and drag to resize a mesh or relocate a mesh point.

    Click on a line and drag to move a facial feature or a line segment.

    Drag a rectangle to surround a desired area and drag to move multiple points and lines.

  3. To make the wireframes even closer to the facial features, click the Detail button to show more control points, and then align the points vertically to the center of a face feature.

    Click the Basic button.

    Click the Detail button.

  4. Adjust the control points of the hair mesh and make sure all the actor's hair and ears are wrapped around.

    Skull Mesh

    Hair Mesh

  5. Optionally, check the Mirror option to adjust the points or lines from both sides of the face symmetrically.
  6. Click the Next button to adjust the face angle.
  7. Note:
    When moving the control points, try to allocate them evenly and keep the lines as smooth as possible for better animation results.