Timeline Editing Tools

CrazyTalk provides basic clip editing tools to cut, copy, paste, delete or break portions of the timeline. You may edit the voice script as well as the facial movements and expressions.

Clip Editing Tools

To access the data editing tools, click the Function button in the Timeline to show the drop-down list.


Select the Cut command, or use hotkey ⌘ + X to cut the target key or clip in the clipboard.


Select the Copy command, or use hotkey ⌘ + C to copy the selected keys or clips.


Select the Paste command, or use hotkey ⌘ + V to paste single or multiple keys or clips, to the target frame.


Select the Delete command, or use hotkey fn + Delete to delete highlighted keys or clips.


Select the Break command to divide the highlighted clip into two halves. The Break command only works to clip data in the Motion Clip and Music tracks.

Refer to the Timeline Shortcuts section for more information.