Setting the Eye Keys

Any CrazyTalk actor can roll its eyes with facial animations, which is pretty cool and can contribute to a number of realistic expressions. By changing the size of the eyeballs, the facial expression can become more dramatic.

Setting the Eye Keys
  1. Make sure you have prepped an actor and the current time frame is within an existing motion clip. Launch the Face Key Editor.
  2. Select the Eyes in the pane.
  3. If you are using the mouse as your input device, then press and hold the left-mouse button inside the interactive area.
  4. Drag the mouse outside the interactive area to make the changes. The character's eyes will start to move along with your mouse. An eye key will automatically be set.

    Move the eyeballs around to create different expression results.

  5. If you select the Eye Scale buttons beside the eyes in the pane, then you may increase or decrease the size of the eyeballs.

    Shrink the eyeballs to make the expression more dramatic.