Introducing the Face Key Editor

The Face Key Editor helps you edit the keys in a specific Motion Clip. You may then manually modify the details of the facial features, head and the shoulders to create an ideal facial expression or head and shoulder movements. Please refer to the Using Face Key Editor section for the information about displaying and activating the Face Key Editor panel.

The Face Key Editor is divided into three tabs: Facial, Template, and Modify.

Facial Expression Tab

1. Add/Modify Head Key

Select to rotate / tilt / move the head.

2. Solo Feature Selection

Select to highlight the desired features and convert the changes into keys.

3. Default Key

Click to set keys and neutralize all adjustments made to facial features.

4. Clear Selection

Deselect all features.

The Interactive Area

In order to set keys with this tab, you need to understand the interactive area. You need to drag from inside of the interactive area to elsewhere to set the strength of the keys. The screen area in the following illustration is the interactive area.

  1. Select one or more solo features from the Solo Facial Feature Pane.
  2. Move your mouse cursor into the interactive area.
  3. Drag from the interactive area to elsewhere in your display to automatically add or edit a key.
Template Tab
Modify Tab