Adding or Modifying Lip-sync Keys

CrazyTalk provides special lip synchronization tools to make sure that the lip movements match the words being spoken by the virtual actor. A viseme is a generic facial image that can be used to describe a particular sound. It is the visual equivalent of a phoneme, or a unit of sound in a spoken language. Using visemes, CrazyTalk provides perfect lip synchronization which you can later adjust for different sounds as required.

The lip-synching keys are stored in the Lips track, which belongs to the Audio track. You may open it by clicking the button on the Audio track.

Audio Track and Lips Track

The Audio track stores the audio file from the Import Audio panel or the Voice Script Library. The audio data is displayed in a wave form. You may double-click anywhere on the track to load an audio file.

Click the button on the Audio track to show the Lips track. You may manually add lip-synching keys to this track by double-clicking on the cells in this track.

Adding or Modifying Lip-sync Keys