Transformation Track

The Transformation track stores the transform data through the entire project. It is useful when you want the actor to be out of the scene in the very beginning of the project, or when you want the actor to have a close-up shot in a specific time frame.

Using Transform Keys
  1. Add an actor and open the Timeline.
  2. Move to the start frame and press down one of the transform tools (in this case, the Move tool is pressed down).
  3. Drag and drop the actor out of the view window (working area).
  4. Go to another time frame.
  5. Move the actor back to the scene (click the Home key to quickly move the actor back to the center of the scene).
  6. The Transformation track will auto-add a new key and the transition effect between the two keys will be auto-generated.
  7. The actor will start to move into the scene as you play back.
  8. Repeat the step above to add transform keys in different time frame and then you may create an actor with transform animation.
  9. Dragging to re-arrange the keys closer/farther to each other will increase/decrease the speed of the transition animations between two adjacent keys.