Mirroring or Copying Values

The parameter values for the Eyeballs (move and rotate) and the Shoulders can be copied to each other so that you do not need to manually set them one by one when you need them to have a same or opposite motion patterns.

Mirroring the Parameter Values for Eyeballs
  1. Apply an actor with fainting motion without any eye movements.

    The actor is shivering while talking. However, the eyeballs are not moving at all.

  2. Click the Auto Motion Setting button to open the panel and switch to the Parts tab.
  3. Select the Right Eye Rotate part.
  4. Set the parameter values.

    This step ensures that the right eyeball will rotate as the actor talks.

    Activate the box and the right eyeball rotates clockwise as the actor talks.

  5. Instead of remembering the values for the entire settings of the Right Eyeball and manually setting the opposite values for the Left Eyeball, simply click the Mirror button and values from the right eyeball are reversed and copied to the other one.
    Please note that the Offset and Pingpong values will be copied without being reversed.
  6. Click the Apply button to apply the modified auto motion profile.
Copying the Parameter Values for Shoulders