Applying Auto Motion Template from the Library

CrazyTalk introduces a major feature - Auto Motions, which are the biggest breakthrough in generating animations from your own voice strength; with all sorts of animation styles, you can save a lot of time while increasing the realism of your actor's motions. Auto Motions are basically motion patterns that react to the voice. Once you apply an audio file, CrazyTalk then utilizes two basic motion patterns for Talk and Listen modes. You may also change to another pattern by applying different templates from the library.

Applying Auto Motion Templates from the Library
  1. Create a new actor or apply an actor from the library.

    An actor ready to talk

    An actor ready to listen

  2. Load an audio file as the actor's voice and use the default auto motions of Talk or Listen modes.
  3. In the Content Manager, switch to the Auto Motion >> Functional or Auto Motion >> Scenario libraries.
  4. Double-click on the desired template to change the motion pattern.
Choosing an Ideal Auto Motion Template