Adding Motion Clips from the Library

After applying an Auto Motion to the actor, you are then able to overlap the actor's motion at certain times with ready Motion Clips from the library. Thus the actor can have emotional changes at different times in accordance to the context of its voice.

Applying Motion Clips from the Library
  1. Add a voice to the actor and use the default auto motion or apply a desired auto motion from the library.

    The actor is applied with a template from the Auto Motion library.

  2. Go to the time frame where you want the actor to have different facial expressions or movements.
  3. In the Content Manager, switch to the Motion Clip tab. You will see motion clip templates in the the library.
    Please note that the last two steps equal to drag and drop the template from the library to the Motion Clip track of the Timeline.
  4. Apply one of the templates to overlap the current motion of the actor.

    Apply the motion clip " Yes" for nodding the head.

    Please note that the lengths of the motion clips in the library are individually fixed. They can be longer or shorter than the voice of the actor.
Emotional Changes