Manual Mode for Masking

When your source image is complicated and the contour edges of the character can not be clearly determined in the Auto Mode, you can use the Manual Mode to modify the details of the mask by carefully paint the mask with the tools in this mode.
Please note that you can always start with rough mask generated from the Auto Mode and then modify the rough mask in the Manual Mode.

Using Quick Select Tools
  1. Click the Mask Editing button at the tool bar to access the Mask Editor panel.
  2. If you are in the Auto Mode, then click the Go to Manual Mode button to switch to the Manual Mode.
    • The mask added in the Auto Mode will be brought to the Manual Mode.
    • Optionally click the Clear button to remove the entire mask.
  3. Press down the Color Range button and then pick on the image to fill with the mask color.

    • Areas with similar will also be masked.
    • The similarity is determined by the Tolerance value.

  4. Hold the Shift key (for Windows) or Command key (⌘ for Mac) and pick on the image to include more colors.
  5. Hold the Alt key and pick on the image to exclude colors.
  6. Click the Preview button to check out the mask result. The check-board grids indicate that the original background is makes.
  7. You are able to use the Brush Tools afterwards for further modifications to the mask.
  8. Click the OK button if you are satisfied with the mask result.
    • If the background is relatively simpler than the character, then directly pick the background colors with the Color Range tool; otherwise, pick the colors on the character and click the Invert button.
Using Brush Tools