Eye Light

The Eye Light simulates the specularity effect on the eyeballs, which implies the light direction. This feature facilitates you in creating sparkling, crystalline, or turbid eyeballs.

Setting Eye Light

There are three sections in the panel involved in the designing of eye light; the Transform, the Color, and the Opacity/Blur sections.

  1. You must apply an eye template from the eye gallery first.
  2. Click the Eye Setting button at the tool bar to access the Eye Setting panel.
  3. Press down the Left and/or Right buttons to determine whether you want to adjust individual or both eyes.

    Left eye

    Right eye

    Both eyes

  4. Choose the Eye Light radio button.
  5. In the Transform section, adjust the position and the size of the eye light.
  6. In the Color section, adjust the values for Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation.
  7. In the Opacity/Blur section, adjust the value of the Opacity and Blur to decrease the overall-sharpness appearance.