CrazyTalk offers you Eyelash effects to generate a more vivid appearance in the eyes. You may apply the Eyelash effect to mimic mascara, and enhance the eyelashes of the actor. Notice that female eye templates contain longer eyelashes.

Using Eyelash
  1. You must apply an eye template from the eye gallery first.
  2. Click the Eye Setting button at the tool bar to access the Eye Setting panel.
  3. You may determine if you want the actor to have eyelash or not by activating or deactivating the Eyelash check box.

    Without Eyelashes

    With Eyelashes

  4. Choose the Eyelash radio button.
  5. In the Color section; adjust the value of Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation to change the color of the eyelashes.
    Click and keep the Close Eye button pressed in order to view the Eyelash with closed eyes.
Adjusting the Length of Eyelash