Auto Fit Anchor Points

The Auto Fit Anchor Points for the basic anchor points allows you to create a CrazyTalk actor in just a few clicks. This process is entirely automatic and requires no complex frame fitting techniques. Once you create a basic frame to fit the face, then you can use the fitting tools to increase the definition of the wire frame by simply adjusting the additional frame points.

CrazyTalk has its own embedded estimation of the four points which define the eye and mouth areas. If you wish to move the positions, then you may click and move the numbered indicators 1, 2, 3 and 4, on the image. Do this to adjust the fitting process as displayed in the reference image. Click the Reset button at any time to cancel your actions and start over.

Adjust the four points as accurate as possible to get the best fit for the eyes and mouth, but do not worry about precise details at this time. Refer to the Facial Wireframe Modes section for more information.