Knowing the Environment

The main user interface of CrazyTalk is divided into 7 parts. Please refer to the links below for more details about each parts.



Main Menu

The main menu contains each command in CrazyTalk (the commands in the Timeline are not included).


Tool Bar (Shortcut: F5)

The tool bar includes Actor Editing Tools, Adding Voice and Motion tools, and Export Tool.


Left-side Tool Bar

The tools in this panel are able to transform the actor, enter full-screen mode, or undo and redo actions.


Content Manager
(Shortcut: Windows - F4; Mac - fn + F4)

The manager keeps embedded and custom templates for applying.


Preview Window (Working Area)

The actor and visual results can be observed in the Preview Window.


Play Bar

The Play Bar contains basic playback tools for previewing voice, motions of the actor, and the background music of the project.


(Shortcut: Windows - F3; Mac - fn + F3)

In the Timeline you are able to do more custom adjustments for the project.