Best Animated - CrazyTalk Comedy Contest

To win, use your finest efforts to create your best animated joke. Special consideration will be given to high-quality animations that contain excellent facial animation, superb expressions, custom characters and hilarious content. CrazyTalk 8 is very easy to use, you can learn how to animate HERE.

Best Animated - CrazyTalk Comedy Contest

Everyone has a chance to win. Simply make your animated joke go viral by animating the funniest joke you can think of. Bring out your inner clown and make our judges, including guest judge Garry Pye, laugh themselves to tears with your best animated joke entry. Learn how to animate HERE.

most likes - CrazyTalk Comedy Contest

Rally up the troops, gather your friends, classmates, coworkers and family by sharing your animated joke on everyone's Facebook page to have everyone LIKE your video. The animate joke video with the most Facebook likes, wins $500 cash!


  • Step 1. Visit the Reallusion Facebook page, and LIKE it.
  • Step 2. With CrazyTalk 8, create an animated joke, a gag, one-liner, or a short funny story in under 60 seconds.
  • Step 3. Upload your best-animated joke to your own Facebook page, or upload to YouTube, and paste the video URL to your Facebook page as a first post.
  • Step 4. Then share the original Facebook video post to the Reallusion Facebook page.
  • IMPORTANT: Animated Joke Video title must begin with text: “CrazyTalk Comedy - ”.
  • IMPORTANT: See MORE REQUIREMENTS for additional rules.

  • *Note: To submit, all participants should post their videos on the Reallusion Facebook page before Friday, 06/24/2016 midnight/Pacific Time.

Guest Judge

Best Animated - Comedy Contest guest judge

"With a background in cartoon illustration spanning as far back as I can remember, I have always been drawing cartoons in one form or another. Reallusion's software has allowed me to take my work to all new levels, both as an animator and a content developer. In the past my work has always been in the field of 2D animation, however iClone and Character Creator have given me the opportunity to expand my range into 3D animation, with a strong focus on trying to get believable human performances from my characters."

Tools & Resources

FREE Download

CrazyTalk is the world's most popular facial animation tool that uses voices and text to vividly animate facial images in seconds. CrazyTalk is so easy to use that literally anyone can animate images and photographs with the power of their own voice! YES! Anyone can now animate! So jump into the world of instant facial animation with this limited-time CrazyTalk Special Edition version that let's you animate your characters in 2D.

*Note: CrazyTalk Comedy Contest ended on June 24 2016.

The Best 3D Animation Tool

*This CrazyTalk 8 Special Edition is only available for 30 days.
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Free backgraound for animation

Feel free to use this Creative Commons background in your animation, but remember that you can also import your background image if you'd like.

Quick & Easy Tutorials

Introduction to CrazyTalk 8

Whether you're completely new to CrazyTalk or a seasoned veteran, this short video will help you quickly get familiar with CrazyTalk 8.

Create a 2D Head from a Photo

This introductory video tutorial will quickly show you how to create animatable 2D heads from everyday images and photographs.

Instantly Animate a Character

Watch this tutorial and learn how to automatically animate your character by using the power of your own voice.

Quickly Refine your Mouth Lip-syncs

CrazyTalk will auto animate a character's lips but we can always learn some basic lip-sync editing to get those mouth articulations looking just right.

Polish up your Animation Quality

CrazyTalk animations are fast and easy, but to guarantee that top cash prize you got to polish up your animations! Luckily its easy with your mouse.

Recommended Content

For the CrazyTalk Comedy Contest Reallusion has generously offered all participants the chance to download a free, limited-time Special Edition version of CrazyTalk 8. But if you like the product and you have discovered its amazing capabilities, then why not unlock its full potential? For this, our team has put together a special discount offer as thank you for joining this event.



CrazyTalk 8 comes in Standard, PRO, and Pipeline editions designed for different user needs. Learn more through the version comparison table and find the one that best suits you!

From defining your personality with casual outfits, to dressing up as a movie celebrity or playboy bunny for your next party, this pack has everything you need to make your characters fun!


*Note: Content packs do not work with the free CrazyTalk 8 Special Edition version. Users need to acquire a full version copy of CrazyTalk.

Add some extra humor with Garry Pye's latest Comic Heads - Content Pack, that brings amazing caricaturized 3D heads created directly from hand-drawn sketches!


*Note: Content packs do not work with the free CrazyTalk 8 Special Edition version. Users need to acquire a full version copy of CrazyTalk.