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You won’t believe how good the new Auto Motions are generated from audio! Let CrazyTalk do all the work by instantly applying presets from the Auto Motion library, saving you days of motion key framing for unbelievable results. Other than the classic 2D Auto Motions, CrazyTalk 8 also includes newly-added 3D Auto Motions dedicated to 3D avatars for realistic motion behaviors. Whether idling, talking, singing, dancing, vocalizing human sounds, reacting, or other scenarios, these premade contents are ready to make your 3D avatars perform perfectly.

free auto motion - talk


free auto motion - sing


free auto motion - listen


free auto motion - fun


free auto motion - dance


free auto motion - functional


Click on the categories to view how the Auto Motion profiles work in different scenarios
*Lip-sync has been enhanced for even greater results


Not only can you apply Auto Motions from the embedded library, but you can also add more animation variety to the body, head, and even down to facial muscle detail, which can all be automatically animated by audio. Features such as Time Offset, Advanced Springs, Motion Curve and Ping-Pong effects set you apart from spending lots of time and effort you would normally invest in using other animation software. Feel free to take advantage of the Blend Motion functions to add more subtle movements to your final animation.

custom auto motion for talking avatars
Custom Auto Motion settings Custom Auto Motion settings

• Individual body parts can be animated by audio automatically.

3D Head

Head, Body, Neck, Shoulder

3D avatars allow you to control head and body movements with natural neck stretching, nimble head swings, and wide-angled smooth shoulder movements triggered by the Auto Motion mechanism.

Facial Features

Implemented with real human face topology and facial muscles, individual 3D facial features can be selected and fine-tune parts to work with Auto Motions, like eyes blinking or mouth dropping.

Body & Face Together

Generate complete animations together with body movements and facial expressions for natural-looking performances.

2.5D Head

Muscle Animation

The muscle-based auto motion control helps you animate any selected facial part. In this case, you can see how we layer up a sophisticated motion starting from eyebrows, lids, eyeballs, nose, to mouth and head.

Organic Performance

Make your actor sing not only lively, but passionately with all the intricate facial expressions, head and body movements that constitute a natural performance.

Follow Through

Apply smooth dance motions such as waving, dipping, head spinning or sliding and much more to really add that natural groove to your animation.


Audio-driven Movement

This clever feature analyzes the tones in your voice to automatically generate head and facial movements. You may apply different animation styles for specific voice scenarios. Determine how strong your actor motions are influenced by sound by adjusting the smoothness, tuning the spring effect, or constraining movements to a certain volume level. Using these features can help anyone create dynamic, stretch-and-squash, pop-and-bounce, and professional-looking cartoon animations in a fraction of the time.

Matching Animation Scenarios

Create impressive animations by matching the attitude of your voice to your character! These rich animation formulas are derived from classical animation principles that have been cleverly incorporated into the software to create unique style variations. Find inspiration in our sample edits, or search through the extensive CrazyTalk library for a gallery of animation styles.






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