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1.2 New Features

1.2 New! SWF Output & Enhanced Flash Compatibility

The free 1.2 version upgrade allows you to export SWF file from CrazyTalk Animator directly for better Flash & web applications. Improved SWF import quality for images with edge transparency, along with enhanced compatibility for content using round cap line style, layer order settings and masking. Enhancements have also been added for dynamic content using colors, cameras, shape tween animation, as well as MP3s, Wave sounds.

>> See the online help for details

Flexibility for Layer Key Animation

CrazyTalk Animator supports setting layer keys for characters and props. The layer order can be adjusted in different time frames to produce animations with layer flexibility. With an additional track for layer key editing, you may now set the layering order directly in the Scene/Layer panel during the character or prop animation.

Time Shifting -
Project, Actor and Prop

Add flexibility in project timeline editing. Delete or Insert timeline frames in an entire project, or a selected Character or Prop; Simply highlight the complete project range, or a specific range in timeline, and Right-Click the menu to easily manage project time shifts.

Drag and Snap -
Body Part Exchange

Before, you needed to take some time to match each body part to the right position, but now you can use the connecting points to re-assemble your characters by simply auto snapping.