Be A Youtuber Like Them

Luna Creciente

A youtube channel with more than 2 million subscribers. The group had been with CTA for years. Let’s hear how much they love CTA3.


A youtube channel with more than one million subscribers. The group creates weekly animated football news.

Oks Tale

Oks Tale started to enjoy CTA3 in 2017 and soon fell in love with the software. With the fast workflow process of CTA3, he was able to produce multiple high quality animated videos in a very short amount of time.

Garry Pye

Garry is one of our best content developers. He turns his design into animated content for CrazyTalk Animator and use CrazyTalk Animator to help create his promotional videos.

Toons Unlimited

Janell is a designer and creative entrepreneur. Her passion is to help users find and master the tools for creating online content that can be used to help users' business grow.

Rade Dicoski

A designer & animator that creats all kinds of animal characters with CrazyTalk Animator. In this YouTube channel, you will find out the artistic talent and the potential of CrazyTalk Animator.

Learn How to Create Animated Series

Mark Diaz

With a background of 11 years in the film industry at Autumn Leave Films, and with over 30 short films produced to this date, Mark belongs to a group of animators who love to share everything they know about animation, from pre-production, animation, to post production.
His aim is to equip aspiring animators with all the necessary techniques and tips to help them make better projects.
Mark has helped more than 24 thousand students discover techniques and knowledge they need to start animating their projects.

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Create an Animated Series for YouTube

In this course you will learn how to use the best software for YouTubers who want to create an Animated Series.

Success Sucks! by Easy and Fun Inc

By the end of the course you will be able to do this animation.