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Submit your video before 5/15, and Reallusion will send you a $50 coupon code. Submit a new video between 5/16 to 6/15 to receive a $30 coupon code.

For any purchase in Reallusion CrazyTalk Animator or CrazyTalk Online Software Store. (Please add the coupon in the shopping cart)

* The coupon code will be delivered on 5/16 (to those who submitted before 5/15) and on 6/18 (to those who submitted between 5/16 to 6/15).

* Note: the coupon will be valid for 1 month after the coupon is issued.

Submission Form

  • Upload your final animated video to YouTube or Vimeo. (Full HD 1080p preferred)
  • Carefully fill in the application form below and submit your final entry.
  • By submitting an entry into this contest, you confirm that your entry meets the requirements set and in any applicable specific Contest Rules.

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The video title must begin with the text: "Animation at Work 2018 - ", and tagged with the keywords "Animation at Work"

Video Description:

To compete in the "Comic Animation" category, participants must provide prove(s) such DeviantArt, Shutterstock or any other link(s) that the character(s) used in the video is original.

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To compete in the "YouTuber Animation" category, participants must have over 1,000 subscribers in their YouTube channels and only submit videos to that channel.

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(please provide a JPG file in 350 x 170 px ; this image can be a single frame of your video)


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