2D Animation Redefined

In today’s screen-based media world - animated videos have prevailed and proven their benefits over traditional media as animations allow creators and audiences to connect better through visuals, making it easier to convey messages.

Since 2010, CrazyTalk Animator has helped more than 200,000 users from over 100 countries, fulfill their dreams of animating ideas. The Animation At Work contest continues this spirit by inviting everyone from all walks of life to animate, regardless of their experience or background. CrazyTalk Animator users can range from YouTubers, to small and medium sized businesses, to government and military offices, schools, museums, educational institutes, advertisement agencies, and everyday hobbyists!


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Thanks to it’s intuitive tools and a big collection of community-based animation assets , CrazyTalk Animator has made creating professional animations an enjoyable process all around!

  • Easily turn any image or photo into an animated character by using the 2D bone rig tools or character templates
  • Apply vast professional motion libraries for humans, quadrupeds, winged and spinal creatures
  • Drag elastic motion effects to create 2D logo animations, or instantly breathe life into images
  • Use PSD templates with the PSD in-and-out pipeline to speed up animated character and interactive asset creation

We hope that through the Animation At Work Contest, more artists will be able to discover their budding talents, while exploring infinite possibilities with this amazing tool.

Join To Win


What is the Animation At Work Contest?

The Reallusion Animation At Work Contest is an event that invites EVERYONE to use their imagination to animate real-life projects like business promotions, educational / training materials, how-to videos, funny animated comics, YouTube news videos, and more. Would-be participants can freely enter any of the three categories to compete with the 2D animation community.

At Reallusion, we have made an effort to engage industry partners, media and communities to join this event where contestants can expect plentiful prizes, along with many marketing and advertising opportunities. This event will also give winners an exclusive chance to be featured on renowned media like Cartoon Brew, while being invited by Reallusion to become a monetizing Content Developer!

The competition begins on April 18th, and ends on July 20th, 2018.
Winners will be announced on Aug 1st, 2018. For more information, see the complete Rules and list of Prizes.

Who Can Join?

No matter if you are a professional animator, a graphic designer, a YouTuber videomaker, or a 2D hobbyist, we have prepared all the free tools and learning resources for you to work with. So take this special opportunity to experience how CrazyTalk Animator can empower your projects today!

We fully welcome everyone’s participation and collaboration in sharing their knowledge, know-how and techniques to help the 2D community forge a new way to create animated videos.

Testimonials & Credits

“We certainly had a lot of fun using this app and, with its professional toolset, there is always something new and cool to discover. Quite, quite brilliant!”
– iCreate Magazine

“CrazyTalk Animator, the easiest way for illustrators to animate. Animation is a popular storytelling tool for corporate, education and marketing work.”
– DigitalArts

“CrazyTalk Animator is a simple animation tool that costs less than other programs. The user interface is good for beginners.”
– Top Ten Reviews

“Character creation made easy!”
“The best complementary tool for Photoshop”
– Creative Bloq

“CrazyTalk Animator is the swiss army knife of 2D animation. ”
– M.D. MCCALLUM from Renderosity