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After installing CrazyTalk Animator 3, launch the application and click on “Sign me up!” in the pop-up window that appears, then simply follow the instructions to register.

G2 - Simon's Comic Collection

This collection has lots of basic and practical symbols that you can easily add to your projects to create comic style. Sometimes you may wish to use abstract ideas in your animations, with symbols style or line illustrations. For instance, you may use an upset symbol to quickly convey the actor's emotion. Simon's comic collection here can not only create line illustrations which are included, but it also includes various render styles that users can switch with one click to apply to characters, scenes, and appearances.

G1 Character Composer Kit

In this collection, you will receive several single-dimensional characters which include not only the complete actor, but also the head and body parts for users to switch. Add this pack to your content library and personalize each of your characters with your very own touch.

Human Motion for G1 & G3 Character

In this G1 motion pack, you will acquire twenty-six motions that can be applied to single-dimensional actors. Since we provide several single-dimensional characters, we also offer various single-dimensional motions (0 and 315 degree) that you can instantly add to your G1 actors. Simply add any of the available "Perform" templates from this collection, and drag them into the timeline to instantly apply body animations to your actors.

Props & Scenes

Besides the embedded scenes found in CrazyTalk Animator 3, we also offer various scene components from CrazyTalk Animator 1. In this collection, users will receive tons of props and certain scenes that can be used and assembled to any themes.