Advanced Features in Pipeline Edition

Create Unique Elastic Motion Effects

Other than using parametric controls to generate Elastic Motion behaviors, experienced animators can convert their artistic key frame animations into Elastic Motion patterns, building up valuable motion libraries that can be reused or shared with other designers.

Import PSD as G3 Character Template

By following the layer naming rules for each character body parts, you can directly turn your Photoshop character designs into CTA3 assets with minimal effort.
Convert PSD to Character Animation >

Import 3D Motions for your G2 Characters

You can import any 3D motion from iClone and apply it to a 2D character for awesome multi-dimensional animations through the CrazyTalk Animator 3 Pipeline.

  • Apply 3D motions to G2 multi-angled characters from external sources.
  • Via 3DXchange 6, users will be able to work with motion captured data, and with BVH or FBX files generated from Maya, Motion Builder, or any other 3D tools.

Design your Vector Content to be Compatible with Multiple Render Style

  • You can make any vector-based character or prop compatible to a specific color profile thanks to the Render Style editor.
  • In the Group editor, you may select multiple parts and categorize them in different color groups in order to align body parts with the same color tag
  • Once you’ve finished with the color mapping, you will then be able to instantly change the character’s color styles to match with your design tone.

Generate New G3 Character Bases"

  • What about creating some new creatures and animating them with the Motion library in addition to existing G3 human, G3 dogs, cats, wings and spines? Well, here is the tool for you.
  • Define unique motion bones for motion thumb image renders (just like official G3 animal types).
  • Submit your new base creations to share and collaborate with the community.

  • *Available in the Coming Patch