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The pack offers you 8 characters with 4 kinds of service occupation: Waitress/Waiter, Maid/Butler, Sales Assistants and Clerks. Each character has its own uniform and props. With the professional service staff you can easily create your own 2D projects...Learn more

• 8 Characters
• 18 Props

Lightspeed your 2D character animations!
This pack contains vibrant and eye-catching animated effects to add expression to your characters and give life to the scenarios they interact in. The effects are comical in style and applying them to your characters is easy to add drama to each and every scene. The pack offers 37 animated cartoon effects, 8 cartoon props and 5 onomatopoeiae....Learn more

• 8 Props
• 37 Cartoon Effects
• 5 Onomatopeoia

Let the service industry cater your animations.
Motion Library Vol. 4 - Catering and Entertainment is an add-on motion pack for CrazyTalk Animator. There are a huge amount of diverse motions relating to leisurely activities, like playing video games, listening to music, choosing and trying on clothes, and many, many more. The motions are in cartoon style so that you can easily enhance your 2D motion library and use them in plenty of different customer service scenarios....Learn more

• 40 Motions

Animate your favorite leisure-time hangouts.
Indoor Scene Series - My Shops is an add-on scene pack for CrazyTalk Animator. It provides 4 scenes: Restaurant, Fast Food Outlet, Book Shop and Arcade that we commonly encounter on a day-to-day basis. The furniture and props are in a gorgeous cartoon style and the iprops are able to interact seamlessly with the sets. ...Learn more

• 4 Scenes
• 116 Props

Transport your 2D scenes with comic vehicles.
Drive your film to the top of the rankings! This pack contains 6 modern vehicles: Convertible, Ambulance, Bicycle, Pickup Truck, Motorcycle and Bus, all with an unforgettable comic style. Each vehicle's front and side are included in the pack. Your default characters can ride and interact with the vehicles in many different ways...Learn more

• 6 Vehicles
• 2 Bonus