Can't find the export ready content you want?

Reallusion content is now available in the Content Store, Marketplace, and 3DXPortal!

We've now opened the Export License option for all iClone content developers with the release of 3DXchange 5 Pipeline version. Get ready for an amazing amount of quality custom content, all available for export to any other animation software suite! Here are three ways that you can get export-ready content:

A. Directly buy Reallusion content from 3DXchange5


Existing iClone users who have already purchased Reallusion iContent will now be able to purchase an export version for most of their previously purchased content. The iContent price will be deducted from Export Price. Now you can export all Reallusion-made content and some developers' content in Content Store and Marketplace.


Here is where you can find tons of exportable content:

1. Content Store* - all of Reallusion content is now available!

2. Marketplace*

3. iClone BackStage


*In the Content Store and in Marketplace, some CCD content may not be exportable according to the vendor's wish.

B. 3DXPortal

For new iClone Pipeline users, we are providing a new dedicated portal page where you can preview and purchase export-ready content! You can pick specific items sorted by theme and category, view content and motions online or preview them directly in the 3DXchange program. Available content includes:

  • Up tp 2000 motions
  • Characters (Wanda, Matilda, Bernard, Mario and some freebies)
  • Combo packs (a character with motions included)

Go to 3DXPortal
See more about How to Purchase in 3DXPortal and Tutorial Video. (Coming soon!)


C. Corporate Archive

The Corporate Archive offers you up to 50 motion content packs and makes your off-line content access easy. Get the full pack at a bargain price (the average price of each motion in a pack is only about $3)!


Go to Corporate Archive




Supported iContent format ready for Export

Supported types

iContent formats

Direct Export .iMotion, .iAvatar, .iAcc, .iProp, .VNS

Content need to export with iClone Characters or props

.iAnim, .iParticle, .iTerrain(Version iClone1-4), .iHair, .iUpper , .iLower, .iGlove, .iShoe, .iSkin, .iFace, .iEye, .iOral, .iMotion, .iHand, .iMtl
Non-exportable .iLight, .iEffect, .iTree, .iGrass, .iTerrain (iClone5 Heightmap terrain) , .iWater, .iSky, .aml, .iTalk, .iPath