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Product: CloneCloth for Essential Human Vol.1

Based on G2 Essential Human models (Jack and Jane), the CloneCloth Character Pack provides dual layers of Cloth mesh: the skin layer and the cloth layer. Simply modify the opacity texture with any image editor and you can design as many different clothing styles as you can imagine.
This pack contains 10 CloneCloth design bases, each with an individual Template Map with guided color contour lines allowing you to easily create your own custom outfit. Each CloneCloth character also comes with 2 sets of texture outfit ready for you to save as a new character.

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Product: CloneCloth for Essential Human Vol.1

Pack includes :
10 CloneCloth Base Models with 20 Textures  
  Jack Casual (Upper, Lower) *updated model
  Jack Baggy (Upper, Lower)
  Jack Bodysuit (Upper, Lower)
  Jack Overcoat (One Piece)
  Jack Sporty (Upper, Lower)
  Jane Casual (Upper, Lower) *updated model
  Jane Bodysuit (Upper, Lower)
  Jane Dress (One Piece)
  Jane Grown (Upper, Lower, One Piece)
  Jane Sexy (Upper, Lower, One Piece)

Each base model comes with 2 sets of texture. Click to view

*Jack Casual has been updated. If you want to know what has been updated, please click the link below.


6 Shoes Templates with 6 Textures  
  Jack Athletic Shoes
  Jack Classic
  Jane Wedge Heels
  Jane High Heels
  iClone 2 Default Shoes:
  Jack Casual
  Jane Casual

Each pair includes 1 base model and 1 set of texture. Click to view



Total File size : 190 MB
List Price : $129.95

Special Price: $39.95(70%OFF)

Texture files of clothing and shoes can be found in the following paths:
C:\Program Files\Reallusion\iClone 2\Template\iClone Template\Texture\iClone Diffuse\G2 Clone Cloth V1
C:\Program Files\Reallusion\iClone 2\Template\iClone Template\Texture\iClone Opacity\G2 Clone Cloth V1
(The path may be changed by users during the installation process.) 
Hair and Hat are not included in this pack. Check out Classic Hair series at following links:
1.Classic Cuts Male Volume 1
2.Classic Cuts Female Volume 1
2.Classic Cuts Volume 2